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If you need technology questions, I have answers for you.  I've helped friends, family, and customers with just about everything digital and technical.  From understanding computers and mobile device basics, mobile photo tips and tricks, digital security best practices, connecting on social media, online entertainment platforms, and more, I'm here as your digital coach.  Together we can work our way through your questions, concerns and turn your frustration and doubt into joy and confidence.  Technology should be fun!

Couple using a laptop

Smart phone, tablet & laptop

Need help navigating your smart devices? Connecting to your printer, speakers or monitor? Understanding the icons and what they mean? Find yourself asking "can I do this or how to do that?" Wondering what apps are best to use for entertainment, productivity, and managing your daily life? Help is only a call or email away.  Let's get you feeling comfortable with your devices!

Streaming services

These days, more and more great entertainment is found on streaming devices. And streaming content can actually save you money versus using cable or satellite. There are so many choices for whatever you like to watch or listen to.  If the streaming world is confusing , you are not sure what your options are, or you need help setting up your streaming device, let's dive in and open on a new fun and exciting world of entertainment for you.

Social media instruction

In 2020 social media became a lifeline for so many people isolated by COVID.  Social media is a great way to connect with family, friends, and those you've lost touch.  But you can also and find new people with similar interests to connect, share info and ideas.  Maybe you use Facebook or Instagram, but only know the basics.  Or not sure how to pin on Pinterest. There are lots of social media outlets and if you are interested in getting more out of these fantastic connection tools, let's schedule some time together.

Email setup

Need to add your email to any or all of your digital devices?  Or help managing your email accounts? Let's make sure your connected to your friends, loved ones, doctors, and other businesses important to your daily life.

Device updates & upgrades

Just when you figured out your phone, they do an update and it all looks different! Or you bought a new tablet or lap top and you can't find any of your favorite apps or files.  Call or email me for personalized instruction and, if necessary, set up to get you comfortable with your new tech. 

Identity & password protection

Those passwords are hard to remember, so it's no wonder we reuse them and choose passwords we can easily remember.  But we hear about identity theft and our digital accounts being compromised on a regular basis.  And those thieves are getting more savvy at getting our info every day.  So it's important to take steps to guard your identity.  I can show you tips and tricks to safeguard your information and make it easier to create passwords that are more difficult to crack.

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