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About Me

I have loved helping and teaching people my entire life. Whether it was showing a new employee the ropes, team members a new software platform, or just a computer shortcut, I always felt happy helping others. I found when I was in job positions where helping or training customers or team members was not a possibility, I was not as fulfilled. I have also always loved technology in just about any format.  Again, I was – and still am – helping my family and friends learn how to navigate their new tablet or phone, or answer that “How do I . . .” question.  My friends were always commenting how good I was demystifying tech for them. Fast forward to 2020 where life as we all know it changed.  My events industry was decimated and the outlook for returning to any sense of normalcy was bleak. So, I combined my love for teaching and technology to help tech-challenged folks conquer their fears and embrace whatever amount of technology they are comfortable with.  

With my history in customer service, sales and marketing, I am also in a unique position to help those small business owners that struggle to use and manage the critical digital tools such as their website and social media.  In today's world, integrating digital marketing is key to a business success. It's constantly evolving, and can be difficult to keep up.  Helping business owners overcome this tech brick wall brings me joy as truly believe my customers' success is my success.

Whether you're needs are personal or business, I hope you will reach out to me for your tech challenges. I'm looking forward helping you understand technology and how it can make your every day life a little easier - and fun!

Jackie Biggs Owner
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