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Is technology confusing?

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Get tech support, with a caring, personal touch

Why I Started Your Tech Lady

Technology is here to stay, but many people struggle with learning how to use its wonderfulness or have a hard time keeping up with the constant changes. Businesses, friends, and loved ones think they are making life easier for us by incorporating technology into our daily lives. 


But if you find technology confusing and a bunch of gobbledygook, then it makes life harder and you are frustrated!  So I wanted to create a welcoming and positive learning environment where all customers feel comfortable with their devices and how to operate them, without feeling intimidated or not smart.


If you know how to work a VCR, dial a rotary or pushbutton phone, read and write cursive, you are very smart! Today's technology just isn't second nature to you.  Let me help you answer your technology questions, so you can really enjoy all the fun and useful benefits tech offers!

How Can I Help?

Thanks! I'll be in touch soon!

Technology Challenged Support

  • Smart phone & tablet instruction

  • Email set up 

  • Social media instruction

  • Streaming services set up & support

  • Identity theft protection

  • Digital security

  • Laptop support & instruction

  • Password protection

  • ​Device updates support

  • Device upgrade instruction

  • ​App evaluation

  • Business digital services


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Technology brings us closer together.

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